doubleml.datasets.fetch_401K(return_type='DoubleMLData', polynomial_features=False)#

Data set on financial wealth and 401(k) plan participation.

  • return_type

    If 'DoubleMLData' or DoubleMLData, returns a DoubleMLData object.

    If 'DataFrame', 'pd.DataFrame' or pd.DataFrame, returns a pd.DataFrame.

  • polynomial_features – If True polynomial features are added (see replication files of Chernozhukov et al. (2018)).


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Chernozhukov, V., Chetverikov, D., Demirer, M., Duflo, E., Hansen, C., Newey, W. and Robins, J. (2018), Double/debiased machine learning for treatment and structural parameters. The Econometrics Journal, 21: C1-C68. doi:10.1111/ectj.12097.